Would You Vote For Barrack Obama if He Were Friends With Osama Bin Laden?

Of course you wouldn’t. That is a silly question. Bin Laden is responsible for planning and leading activities aimed at killing Americans and disrupting the American way of life because he does not agree with the views of American democracy and American values.

So why would you think of voting for Barack Obama for President, or any office for that matter, knowing he is friends with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Naomi Jaffe?

Hear me clearly on this and do your homework if you don’t believe me. Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground Organizations’ attitude, beliefs and actions towards the United States and American citizens was and still is just as dangerous and eerily similar to those of Bin Laden and Al Qaida.The Weather Underground Organization was lead by Bill Ayers and Dohrn after they split from the Students for a Democratic Society. Their founding document called for the establishment of a ”white fighting force to be allied with the Black Libertarian Movement and other anti-colonial movements to achieve the destruction of US Imperialism and achieve a classless world and world communism”

In 1970 the WUO declared war on the US Government and carried out a campaign of bombings, killings, jailbreaks and riots. The FBI declared them as a Domestic Terrorist Group.

WUO, planned by Bill Ayers and carried out by his wife to be Bernadine Dohrn, bombed a police station in San Francisco killing police officer Brian V. McDonnell February 16, 1970.November 1970, unfazed by killing Officer McDonnell, Dohrn sends a signed letter to the Associated Press promising more bombings.WUO bombed the US Capital March 1, 1971WUO bombed the Pentagon May 19, 1972WUO bombed the US Department of StateWUO intended to bomb a US Military NCO dance at Fort Dix NJ in what Brian Flanagan of the WUO said had been intended to be “the most horrific hit the US Government has ever suffered on its territory”. Instead, by the grace of god, the inept WUO members blew themselves up accidently with their own bombs leaving the most horrific hit the US Government has ever suffered on its territory to the hands of Bin Laden to carry out. Brian Flanagan said recently “when you feel you have right on your side you can do some pretty horrific things”

At the end of 1970 the FBI places Ayers and Dohrn on the Top Ten Most Wanted List. The same place that now displays Osama Bin Laden. But Obama still wants to be friends?

Read the following quotes and think about who might have said them. “I refuse to wring my hands over damage to some empty imperialist buildings. Human lives are another matter, which I would approach with much greater caution and humility from a moral point of view, than I personally did in the past. Nevertheless, I still feel challenged, as a white person in a world in which white people are inflicting daily death and violence on people of color, to consider a full range of responses in trying to stem the genocide” 2002

“Okay, capitalism isn’t dead yet. And the house is falling on us too. But let us allow ourselves one little moment of glee at the expense of the system that’s been choking the world to death for 500 years” September 25, 2008Did you guess these quotes were spoken and written by Naomi Jeffe, current fundraiser for the campaign to elect Barrack Obama???? Or did you think they were written by someone who hates America and is willing to do anything for its downfall? Still want to vote for Obama? Want to check it out? Look up Essay by Naomi Jaffe and go to CommonDreams.org. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Obama says that what Bill Ayers did was a long time ago. I guess he is comfortable with the excuse that if it happened in the past it should be forgotten. I don’t know the families of Officer Brian McDonnell, Officer Edward O’Grady, Officer Waverly Brown, Brinks Guard Peter Paige or the countless other people who died or were injured in the WUOs quest to fall the United States of America but I can guess that they have not forgotten. I can guess that that the 3 children of Officer Waverly Brown have not forgotten. All of 3 of them went on to serve this country, this same country that Bill Ayers and his group hate so much, in the US Air Force. I can guess that the son of Officer Edward O’Grady has not forgotten. He went on to serve this country, the same country that that Naomi Jaffe recently celebrated the troubles of, at the US Naval Academy and the United States Navy. It will not be forgotten that Officer Waverly Brown, the first African American member of the Nyack, New York Police Department was gunned down by an organization led by a man, Bill Ayers, who says he does not regret his actions.

I just pray to God with all my heart and soul that in the 2036 election a candidate running for the Presidency of the greatest country on earth doesn’t speak about the actions of his friend Osama Bin Laden and his organization Al Qaida and brush off his actions of the past by saying they happened a long time ago forgetting the men, women and children who died on and because of those actions of September 11, 2001!!!!!