Dirty Harry Has a Mess On His Hands

Democratic Senator Dirty Harry Reid (Nevada) has a mess on his hands.  Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is close to naming someone to fill President-Elect Obama’s Senate seat.  The man is former Illinois Attorney General and Comptroller Roland Burris.  Dirty Harry has already claimed that Burris will not be seated by the US Senate but I would like to wonder out-loud how the African-American community will feel about Dirty Harry refusing to seat the man who would become the only current African American Senator?  

Special thanks goes to the Illinois Democratic legislature who refused to avoid this mess by having a simple special election to fill the seat.  When will the good people of Illinois wake up and realize that Democrats are a plague on their house?

This can end up two different ways both of which can greatly benefit Republicans.  Dirty Harry can refuse to sit the man who would become the only current serving African American Senator in the US Senate and leave himself down one Democratic vote for the near future as well run the risk of upsetting the African American community.  Or Dirty Harry can sit Burris and give the Republicans a minimum of two years of Corrupt Democratic Congress propoganda, as well as a nasty 2010 Illinois Democratic Primary and a good chance of a Republican pick-up of the seat in the general election.