Blagojevich Arrest Disrupts Appointment to Obama's Seat

Just in case you haven’t heard Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (DEMOCRAT) was arrested this morning on a host of charges which includes shopping President-Elect Obama’s Senate Seat to the highest bidder.  One would think that common sense deems that a man arrested for shopping a Senate seat would not get to name a person to that Senate seat.  However, it appears that Governor Blagojevich will still make the appointment unless he resigns, pleads guilty, or is impeached in the near future.  The Illinois legislature, which has impeachment powers, will not convene until next month.  Illinois Democrat strategists suggest it would be unlikely that Governor Blagojevich would resign.

I guess this means that Governor Blagojevich will continue to contemplate who he will name to the seat.  If Blagojevich was to be removed/resign the choice for the Senate appointment would fall to Lt. Governor Pat Quinn (Democrat).  Lt. Governor Quinn has already called on Govenror Blagojevich to explain himself.

My two cents: I would think that anyone named to the seat by Governor Blagojevich would have insurmountable political baggage based on his appoinment alone to have a chance of winning the seat outright in 2010.

Article Link: http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/appointment-process-thrown-into-disarray-by-gov.s-arrest-2008-12-09.html