Kay Bailey Hutchison One Step Closer To Running For Texas Governor

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican-Texas) has taken one step closer to running for the Texas Governorship by establishing an exploratory committe today.  She transferred one million dollars from her Senate campaign to start the committee.  It has been speculated for awhile that she would challenge sitting Governor Rick Perry (Republican-Texas) in the 2010 race.  She has already relinquished her leadership position as Chairwoman of the Republican Policy Committee and the creation of an exploratory committee can be interpreted as a much more aggressive move in the direction of being a candidate for the 2010 Governor’s race.  It is unclear if she intends to resign from the Senate if she does indeed jump into the Governor’s race.

My two cents: This has all the makings of one bloody, ugly primary.

Link to the story: http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/hutchison-sets-up-run-for-texas-governor-2008-12-04.html