Mitch Daniels Supports Stimulus For States

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was one of the 40 some governors that recently met with President-elect Obama. It seems that he is on board with a federal stimulus package that would send money to states like Indiana specifically for use in building up infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, roads, etc.The Indystar article mentions the fact that Indiana is currently one of the states that has a balanced budget and surplus (in no small part due to Gov. Daniels efforts). Many of the states requesting federal money are in poor financial condition and Indiana, while in decent shape now, is also suffering the effects of a slowing economy. Governor Daniels has not signed on to any specific request but nonetheless he is interested and one of the key selling points for him would be any immediate increase that could be had in jobs (Indiana has lost over 32,000 jobs this year). Governor Daniels was also quick to mention that he doesn’t want states to be bailed out for poor decision making on their parts, but he would be interested in strengthening infrastructure.

For what my two cents are worth I am a staunch conservative that thinks government works best when it works least. Infrastructure is one of the few things I think the federal government should have its hands in (national defense and delivering the mail being the other two that come to mind). If President-elect Obama is gonna be a spending freak I can only hope that most of the spending is done on infrastructure.

Link to the Indystar article:http://www.indystar.com/article/20081203/NEWS05/812030364/1008/LOCAL19