Americans being held hostage by Congress

Americans should be outraged at the leaders, and I use that term loosely, because from what I’ve seen they are not leaders at all but Hostage takers!

Do nothing to bail out the Americans from the Energy crisis, but bail out the largest stock market fraud, i.e. Fannie and Freddie, controlled by whom? (Black Caucus of congress). *The mortgage lenders of Fannie and Freddie are an embarassment to responsible people. Now we are rewarded with a Socialist Entity. *

Those Huge Investment Banks……scam at it’s finest. They made bad decisions and they should be held accountable. Congress and elected officials stop creating these enormous banking institutions just like you did with Fannie and Freddie. They are to large to fail. Now enter Nancy Pelosi, extortion master and hostage taker extrodinare! I won’t give ok to drill or explore Energy to save Americans unless you allow more money to be wasted on those who shouldn’t have mortgages in the first place or those who bought homes OVER Valued! Risky investments….

Who is to blame?