Spinning your wheels

What did the economist get for their expensive education?

Well I know what the American people got….I’ll be nice, we are left once again holding the bag, and that bag does not contain cash.

While executives, CEOs and CFOs continue to get bonus after bonus the workers get nothing. After years of work and sacrifice the workers may not even get their pensions they have so faithfully paid into. If they had stock in the company they really get nothing.

Who are the major stockholders of these large financial institutions? How much foreign investment will be part of the fall. Once again the American people will pay for the mistakes of the so called experts.

The housing market is all part of this scam…when you make poor judgments on investments you should pay a price…but not the American taxpayer. I’m no econimist but the free market has it’s ups and down’s and risky investments have their faults. Read the fine print, if it seems too good to be true then… That’s one reason why there should not be these large overbearing entities because when they fall they take down a lot more than a smaller one would, (ie. Fannie and Freddie). Hang on!

*That higher education was well worth paying for wasn’t it.

Will the real expert please stand up.