Whose minding the children?

*How many children does Obama have? How many children does Biden have?

*How many children does McCain have? How many children does Palin have?

There is one thing all of these candidates have in common, well make that two. McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden have children and all of them are involved in politics. Yet only one of the above has been questioned on the ability to juggle children and their political career. Why is that?

I want to see the media ask Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden and yes even Mr. McCain how they manage to raise a family and still run a state. Oh that’s right only one of the above has done that. Well then ask them all how they manage to run their career and still manage to raise their children.

Running a household means, budget, finance, healthcare, security, education, and management skills. Please don’t demean our candidates if they have a family. I’m sure all of the above have been taken away from their family duties at times to deal with pressing matters. The point is none of them were doing it alone.

*Man or Woman please respect their commitment to family. As with any other situation some handle it better than others.