No more problems

*The new voting system in Florida will allow for a paper trail….but the democrats say that the system is not user friendly.

Wait a minute, this is the same state that couldn’t use punchcard ballots right. Now the machine that requires you to fill in a circle next to the candidate or issue with a #2 pencil is not user friendly.

People of this country have been using this system for decades in school testing and yes even used today for votiing. Because of the debacle in FL in 2000 the rest of the country was rushed to find a new system. Well FL spent millions of tax[ayer dollars to buy new machines that weren’t proven and couldn’t provide a paper trail in case of problems with voting.

Now FL spent millions of taxpayer dollars again on machines that have been used for years here in MI and in other states around the country. The machines are proven and provide a paper trail and the machine even tells the voter if there is a problem with their ballot after it is inserted into the machine. By the way FL is suing the company of the first machines because of the problems, wonder what that cost is to the taxpayers.

*Maybe it was not the machine or mechanism of voting…..maybe just maybe it was the voters.