No bullying

*Remember your parents saying; If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all?

Remember all the programs in our school dealing with diversity and bullies. And now about the internet bullying, and people’s feelings. “Words can hurt” the liberal and progressive way of thinking.

They want us to teach our children that we all are special and we may have differences but remember we all have feelings. Diversity and respect…..huh maybe that is only for our children and not the politicians.

*It’s funny that the elite liberal thinkers want to tell us how to protect our children from the words and actions that are hurtful. But in those same elite liberal thinkers, they are out there daily in the media speaking and smearing.

*Why don’t we call it for what it is; HATE speeches and lies to demean the religion and beliefs of others not like them. How hipocritical! But business as usual. Has everyone lost the ability to have a civil debate based on issues and facts?

Attack and destroy to maintain power, so much for a civil society.