While everyone is sleeping

It’s my responsibility to teach my children right from wrong, and hold them to high standards to better themselves.

**While parents are responsible for the actions of their children, the liberal’s ideas say you can’t dicipline your child for wrongdoing.

**While criminals are put on trial and found guilty, the liberals say they are all good deep down and can be rehabilitated.Really?

The liberals or progressives as they say now, want to give rights to criminals including the right to vote, and continue to have taxpayers pay to educate them. Does former president Clinton have the right to vote after being found guilty of perjury? What about Sandy Burgler? Will we see both of them in the Obama administration?

**While liberals here at home and in Europe say the United States is not the police of the world, they say the United States must do something to help every suffering people of the world. Why are not all countries held to the standards that others expect of America?

While Americans are sleeping the liberals are giving away our rights through meaningless laws and treaties, meanwhile mandating substandard education for our children. They will also commit our military to foreign countries without the ability to fight back and call it peackeeping.

While here at home the laws on the books can’t be enforced, test scores are not a judge of ability in our education system, and the liberals call it Peackeeping instead of military operations. Don’t let the fox near the hen house, their circling it as we speak.

Wake up America, learn about Barrack Hussein Obama!

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