Politics as Democrats see it

**Blocking the selections to the FEC!

Guess who? Again the democratic control of our leglislature is at it’s finest. The one thing for sure is they will block anything if it will make it easier for them to control the outcome of the presidential election.

My fellow Americans, we are seeing what out of control power will do to our politics. The elected officials have egos that mimic any dictator around the world. Seize power, control the media, control disent by smearing the disenters, that is in my opinion and I believe the unseen platform of the democratic party.

Now more than ever the American people should be worried who will be the next president of the United States. For the first time I am afraid of the candidate from the Democratic party, or should I say really afraid because I was afraid during the Carter administration and we all know how that turned out.

Under Obama, Americans will be forced to support unequal education, unfair taxes, out of control spending, hidden clauses in leglislation with no debate and forced service through tax incentives. We may even loose rights by his interpretations of the Constitution.

When I stated; Under Obama, that was not a pun but intentional, because he thinks he is above all others in making decisions on how Americans should work, think, pray, pay, educate, and defend, he may even want to tell us how to eat or at least what to eat. I have the impression that he would like to run all of our lives and even the world.

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