Today all Americans should pray.

**Never Again.

With the passing years with each memorial service I’m asked to attend on this Historic day, I have to decline.

As an American I am filled with hatred and vengeance for those who wish to do us harm. As a retired firefighter each day I’ll remember those terrorists that killed so many on that September day seven years ago. It is because of the hatred and vengeance that keeps me away.

But let us remember that the terrorists have been planning and carrying out attacks on Americans since the 70’s. Their goal is to establish an Islamic world….take away freedom and make everyone live in fear.

**I as an American am proud of my country and the brave men and women that serve in the armed forces to protect our freedoms.

Not only today but every day should all of us remember that people want to kill us because we are a free nation. And that freedom has been fought for with the lives of Americans and our Allies around the world and here in our homeland.

Thank you to those how serve on the front lines, the Military, police, fire, and EMS. I will never forget.