Another Obama supporter a convicted felon

**After all the Michigan taxpayer money spent over the past year on a corrupt Mayor, he pleads guilty.

When Obama went to the NAACP gathering in Detroit photo ops show who was there to show support? Convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, soon to be former mayor of Detroit. But wait there is more. Kilpatrick waited until the democratic govenor was hearing the case to decide his removal when he had a revelation, so he plead to some charges. He will serve less than 30 days of a 4 month sentence and will only have to pay $1 million dollars. I as a taxpayer of Michigan want him to serve more time and pay all the charges for the trial and the hearing. I want his law license revoked permanently and never allowed to run for elected office again.

But wait Kilpatrick only followed in former president Clinton’s footsteps, who also was convicted of perjury. That must be a requirement of a democratic politician, but they will tar and feather a GOP member for allegedly soliciting sex.

*But that is not the story. Again Obama has links to criminal activity through association. When will the American people wake up?

Oh did I mention Kilpatrick was a super delegate?