Basic Citizenship

**How many states comprise the United States of America Mr Obama?

How many stars are on the American flag Mr Obama? Hint the same number as states in our country, *and no the answer is not 57 as you have stated before.

*The final question for you is a two part question. How many stripes are on the American flag Mr. Obama, and why is there that number?

I don’t know if he can answer these questions, but I hope his campaign staff has given him a quiz on these and many other important historical facts about this country that he wants to be the leader of.

I have all the confidence in the GOP ticket being able to pass a basic citizenship test. It’s too bad most of our elected officials and for that matter most of the students coming out of the education system these days can’t answer basic questions about the great country they live in. Some on the democratic side want to keep American history out of the school system and even rewrite it to suit their socialist agenda.

This election will go down as one for the history books, as long as the socialist/democratic ticket doesn’t get to select which books will be used.

**Country First