It's time for a change

**For a change, I’m thinking that maybe politicians are taking the rustbelt of Pennsylvania, the Motor City of Michigan and the backbone of the Agriculture Industry seriously.

We the people now have someone who sees eye to eye with us on issues like Energy Independence, National/Homeland Security, Education, and yes the Economy. Did I mention he/she isn’t afraid of a fight even if it’s in their own party.

*No more words I’ve heard enough empty promises from the groomed, scripted, Ivy league educated prop that the democratic party has presented, and his running mate that is deeply, and I do mean deeply entrenched same old argument senator. If they say it enough it must be true.

Maybe some of the supporters of the elite democrat have short memories, but we the people remember the candidates that do what they say and don’t just respond to popular headlines to suit the crowd they are standing in front of at time.

When the media is hammering away at the GOP selections at every chance they get, it keeps people from asking questions about the DEM nominee. Character means everything and beliefs mean standing by your convictions. No one will question the convictions of the GOP nominee because they always put Country First.

The Democratic nominee Obama goes from one city to the next saying what he thinks the crowd wants to hear, never sure of his own convictions.

This is no game! We the people know this is no game, but please tell that to the party of the select who think they know best on how you should raise your children, pay your employees, heat your home, fuel your car, the ones who want to redistribute the wealth of the prosperous companies, and most of all sit down to talk unconditionally with terrorist states and give rights to known terrorists that have killed Americans!

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