Be careful what you wish for

**Look at the past to see the future.

One thing for sure is the next four years will be different, possibly more than any of us can imagine. What do you think will be the agenda of the democratic controlled house/senate and white house in 2009? Well one thing for sure is we taxpayers will suffer with more taxes. A proposed .25 gas tax why?, because we Americans are not driving as much so revenues are down so not enough money for the roads and bridges, that is one example and that will tax everyone.

The Obama definition of rich is an income of $150,000 and he has said he will tax those with incomes over that and especially those with earnings of $250,000. What about those between those figures? ATM mean anything to you? The Alternative Minimun Tax that congress was supposed to address has not changed and mark my words the congress will not touch that one because that is the biggest chunck of “change” promised by the Obama camp.

And what about the Social Security disaster? No one addresses this. I’ve seen it before in some people…If we don’t address it maybe it’ll go away. Oh yeah the old Ostrich syndrome. No it just passes it to another round of political pandering and debate. But if Obama has his way you will work longer and the younger generation will not see anything at all. Talk about taxation without representation.

*Where in the Constitution does the government have the power to take away from you your rights granted under the same document? The answer NOWHERE!

The Obama camp says he will take profits from companies that make too much. Who makes that decision when how much is too much? First the Oil companies….then who? Microsoft…Yahoo….Google…Merck…maybe the Hotel industry? Where in the Constitution does he get this power?……NOWHERE!

**Maybe if he and his cronies are in charge for four years the American people will wake up.

We the people will see just what the democratic elites have in store for us. They will tax and spend, grow government, bankrupt our healthcare system, make more people dependent on them for assistance while promising more assistance and finially grant amnesty for millions of illegals knowing full well they too will become dependant on government assistance(they are already).

*All I want is a leader that lives by the Constitution of the United States of America. *

And Obama is a Constitutional Law Professor….then he would know how to subvert it wouldn’t he? Maybe even rewrite it.