Obama changes on oil drilling issue.

Who is pulling the strings of the democratic candidate for president?

While Mr. Obama says one thing and then 4 days later says something different on the same issue, (and that seems to be a daily occurance on many issues) such as drilling offshore, we voters again scratch our heads in wonder. Even if Mr. Obama were to win the election, does he really think the senior members of congress will allow drilling offshore?

**The answer is a resounding NO! *The puppet master Pelosi will not allow a vote on the floor of the house when it comes to drilling offshore. About the drilling issue, in her words “they are going to have to come up with some creative ways to get this to a vote”. How about a democratic way Ms. Pelosi? The President has lifted the moritorium on offshore drilling now it’s time for congress to do their part to help the American people. It’s been 30 years!

And now Ms. Pelosi is advising Mr. Obama on who to look at for the VP position. Oh the great PUPPET MASTER Pelosi.