Well another giveaway

Barrack Obama said yesterday during a speech that there needs to be a $1000 rebate to people who are suffering, and that $1000 will come from the profits of oil companies. *Econimics are not Obama’s strong suit or any of his econimics advisors. To take from the profits of oil companies is a ruse to get at your pension money.

Investment companies that deal with hundereds of thousands of American’s pension funds, use the the market to buy stocks and invest in diverse markets to secure a future for the retiring Americans. Yes a lot of that investment is in the oil industry because it is profitable which makes pension funds solvent and growing. If they weren’t, none of us would be able to plan for retirement or the pensions paid into by you may not be there when you retire. That has happened to numerous companies, they shut their doors and burden the taxpayer with the pensions of the employees by guaranteed bailout of the feds or say sorry we don’t have the money and you get nothing at all.

It’s funny that Michigan’s Govenor also wants to take money from the pension funds for private use. Or is it a way to win votes in the declining democratic eastern portion of Michigan. Either way both of the Democrats want to take your money and give it away.