Wonder if anyone in Washington DC is listening?

Day after day we see and read about the terrible actions of our Congressional representatives or the lack of actions. Let me tell you sometimes I’d rather Congress did nothing, at least that way they wouldn’t make the mistakes that burden the American people.

When Congress does act, it is in such a way that us ordinary Americans scratch our heads with wonder. Wonder what Congress was thinking, wonder where they came up with that bill, wonder how they can pass such bills without debate, wonder how they got re-elected. Sometimes it is like watching a bad hollywood series, with no end.

With the number of people taking polls, writing letters, calling and emailing their representatives about what should be done with the energy crisis, the immigration issue, the wars on terror and the economy, sayinig do something to protect American’s. Yet those in Congress seem to not hear what the American people are saying. Revolutions have been started when the government decides the people are no longer relevent.

If Congress won’t do the right thing than I’d rather they did nothing at all.