Allow votes not matter the outcome

I have opened a can of worms here in Michigan with my story on Government of the people. My point was to be informed and research what will be coming before you in November. Not all is what it appears to be, as seen in all of the political posturing floating in the ariwaves these days. No one can be sure if what is said and read is in fact true. Just because it came from an official, a publication or website doesn’t mean truth either.

Last major election the group AARP kept numerous elderly voters at home by scaring them into not voting, based on; If you don’t know don’t vote and those were the words used in their political ads here in Michigan. How can we expect the ordinary voter to know what is what these days? Truth is hard to find and non-existant in the majority of politicians and activists groups these days. Only when it comes to their pay raises, healthcare and pensions are the bills unambigious. We the people should expect more from the leaders we elect. We should not allow them unlimited power or unlimited access to our pockets.

Someone once said be careful what you wish for, so the formers of the RMGN should take some of that advise. What goes around comes around. I do agree that the leglislature does not earn the pay or benefits they recieve and should be part time. While in one breath asking other Municipal and government employees to take a pay cuts and pay for their health care, the elected officials get increases even if they don’t vote on it. So the cuts should start with them. I may have been wrong to post the website but even I have become more informed.

I can hardly wait for the next census to come out, to see how many people have left the state of Michigan because of the loss of blue collar jobs, (approx 180,000 since Grandholm took office) and the crackdown on benefits for non citizens (proposed 1st yr savings of $10 million dollars as in budget posted on Michigan.gov site) has caused them to move elsewhere also. Maybe we should try some of the redistricting here in Michigan, and yes it will affect both parties.

“History had a tendency to repeat itself and no one seems to learn from it.”