Voting Record and His Judgement

Review the past statements from the Democratic candidate Obama, which way does he stand on National Security? Read his web strategy but review past statements and voting records and you will find he voted no on funding the troops. Now he says he’d send more troops to Afghanastan with congressional approval, Mr. Obama? He would start widthdrawal from Iraq on his first day in office as stated in a most recent interview, but resend troops to Iraq after pulling them out if violence errupts or government breaks down. He says he’d go into Pakistan to get terrorist, but would he go into Iran or even Africa to do the same?

He voted not present on most important issues or no like on funding the military, and domestic drilling. He says no to Nuclear power, no new Refineries and no Natural gas exploration. All of those are to relieve America’s dependence on foreign energy. One more telling is the recent vote in the Senate on Housing rescue. Where was Senator Obama? On his campaign European tour. Mr. Obama says he is concerned with issues facing Americans. But not concerned enough to vote. And certainly not concerned enough to visit our many wounded troops overseas. For whatever his stated reason is, it goes back to his judgement. Poor at best and naive most. Mr Obama’s judgment has been one of amazement for this independent voter.

Why would an elected official not know the people he associated with for over 20 years had racist tendencies, as in the Rev. Wright issue? Why would he associate himself with know convicted terrorist? Why would he associate himself with known felons, as in the Chicago real estate mogal. Mr. Obama’s personal beliefs and convictions are suspect to me. If you were around someone for years but did not know them, how well can you judge Foreign leaders, Military commanders and the American people?