Government of the people by the people for the people

Through the past couple of years Michigan has tried to control and take back the elected officials power. Recent laws passed by overwhelming margins were, defining marriage between one man and one woman, Eminent Domain; property owners are safe from government taking their property for profit, also the MI Supreme Court upheld passage of the requirement of State photo identification to vote. Last but not least no motor vehicle license for illegals and non-citizens.

Currently there are messures to cut elected officials salaries by 40%, cut healthcare and pensions for those same people, and making Michigan legislature a part-time position. Some group wanted to repeal the term limits, but that one failed. The 2 term limit was passed years ago by a overwhelming majority of voters.

Also recent changes to the providing healthcare for non citizens has a projected savings of $10 million per year. Information was from State of Michigan official site; StateofMichigan.gov. That is no drop in the bucket for a state that has seen decline in wages, jobs and education for over 6 years under the Democratic Govenor Grandholm.

If we can do it here it can be done elsewhere. Well not everywhere I wouldn’t try this in CA because the Liberal Court will overturn even the will of the voter. Some Judges feel they know what is best even though they have no authority to make such judgments. Why is it Liberals claim to know more about what is best for Americans than we do?