Buying the election

The drive-by media has not noticed the story, or should I say one line blurb about the Internet donations coming into Barrack Obama’s campaign. It stated the donations were from Americans abroad, yeah but are they American citizens who vote and are you sure? Do we want our president buying votes? Better yet do we want Europeans influencing our elections? The news shows the amount of money raised by all the candidates but Obama seems to have unlimited amounts coming in. That’s right he flipped on the public funds issue for his campaign, but McCain stuck to his original promise. Mr. Obama saw the opportunity to amass large amounts that would allow him to use unlimited cash to promote his campaign. Does anyone see the problem here? When did it become a money issue to become president? Past shows our politicians had jobs and only did government work part-time, well congress is only part-time now, even though they promised in the 2006 election they would work 5 days a week. Well we know that didn’t last long but they collect large paychecks and unlimited healthcare and pensions though. With the money issues facing Americans don’t they think the money could be better spent? Or am I missing the boat? Past primaries showed that money does not mean winning, Romney spent millions and Hillary went into debt to try to buy the election. Maybe the underdog candidate with the least cash spent will be our next president. Money does not buy happiness or success but apparently it buys fame and supporters.