Emanuel To Chicago Tribune: Stupak Bloc Held Winning Hand

Rahm Emanuel, along with other Chicago mayoral candidates, was queried on Friday, January 14th, by the Chicago Tribune editorial board.  Emanuel had some interesting statements to make on Obamacare which contradict Stupak’s contention that his bloc’s votes were not needed to pass the bill:

Rahm Emanuel: …President Obama was determined to get his healthcare bill passed. There were 14 votes that were holding up, and my job as chief-of-staff was to help the president get – after a hundred years of waiting for comprehensive reform of healthcare – to help him get that legislation.

Carol Moseley-Braun: And so you threw women under the bus?

Rahm Emanuel:   And it was hanging in balance by 14 votes. I came up with an idea for an executive order to allow the Stupak Amendment not to exist by law but by executive order, and it was good enough that Nancy Pelosi, Jan Schakowsky – here in Chicago, Rosa DeLauro, Anna Eshoo – a number of women who are held – Nita Lowey – who are held up as honors by people like NARAL and Planned Parenthood, who supported that bill and supported the way to make progress.

Jill Stanek has the video of the questioning on healthcare as well transcript of the relevant portion of Emanuel’s remarks.

So what happened?  Who is telling the truth?  Is Emanuel embellishing his role in Obamacare to aid his campaign for mayor?  According to Stupak, Obamacare was inevitable.  According to Emanuel, Stupak held the cards.  Jill Stanek remarks:

“Or one of them was out-bluffed. And that would have had to be Stupak. If pro-aborts really had the votes, they wouldn’t have needed the EO.

…Don’t forget after Obamacare’s passage, PP CEO Cecile Richards called the EO a “symbolic gesture.” Stupak was apparently hoodwinked here, too.”

In my opinion Stupak was not so much hoodwinked as looking for a rationale he thought would pass public muster and provide him with a façade to enable him to support Obamacare.  Unfortunately for Stupak, the public found Stupak’s words deceptive.  Unfortunately for America and her unborn citizens, they found Stupak’s principles deceptive.


H/T:  Jill Stanek: Emanuel says Stupak bloc had them beat; says EO does “not exist by law”. Transcript & video at her site.

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