Glenn Beck Interviews David HorowitzPart One: How Radicals Operate and Achieve Their Agenda

David Horowitz, the Radical Son, sits down with Glenn Beck and discusses the connections and actions of the Left.  This video cuts off about the last thirty-five seconds of this part of the interview.  I have a link at the bottom of this post to the longer FOX News video that will not work for me here.  If you missed this interview from Friday, September 4th, it’s an important one to hear.

“…but it’s becoming increasingly dangerous with these people. You have to take them at their word.”

Horowitz: “They are still thinking to overthrow the system and to create a socialistic future.”

Beck: “Do you think the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has that agenda?”

Horowitz: “Absolutely. I have no doubt about it.”

On whether Obama has put his past associations behind him:

“You can always tell when a radical has changed. They tell you they’ve changed and they understand what is wrong with the Left. And what’s wrong with the Left is its agenda. What it actually does. Not what it says, but what it does.”

When Glenn Beck asks if anyone had thought about what the country would look like after four years of just the policies that have already been implemented:

“When you’re a radical, what you’re thinking of is power. It’s about power. You adopt this position or you take up that issue, but it’s all to advance the power. They never think about what it’s going to look like or how to put it together. I can tell you a radical never spends five seconds on thinking what makes a society work.”

Many of the things discussed in the interview have been mentioned in previous posts I have done here and at Be John Galt:   The Obama White House: Alinsky Reprise, David Horowitz On Saul Alinsky, A Mandate Misread Or Merely Immaterial? and An Extension of Power.

Glenn Beck Interviews David Horowitz Part Two: The Democrats’ Achilles’ Heel

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H/T: Glenn Beck/FOX News, YouTube clip: 1776Philadelphia.