"...a stranger to the country’s heart and character."


Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal:

“The president has a problem. For, despite a great election victory, Mr. Obama, it becomes ever clearer, knows little about Americans. He knows the crowds—he is at home with those. He is a stranger to the country’s heart and character.”

Katy Abram, “This is about the systematic dismantling of this country.

…You have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Kyle-Anne Shiver, The American Thinker:

It takes neither a genius, nor a shrink, to see why Alinskyite Democrat pols are so confused by all this 1776 Redux confronting them in their home-district townhalls….They’ve become so immersed in the Alinsky Way that they’ve nearly…forgotten the American Way, folks.

Andy McCarthy, NRO’s The Corner:

“This is gut-check time about whether we are going to maintain the bedrock American relationship between the citizen and the state. We are in the battle against ruthless, radical ideologues who have the media and the daunting numbers on their side.”

Val Preito, Babalu Blog:

WE do not work for YOU. YOU work for US.

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