Gimmie a T for Texas, Gimmie a T for Tennessee

Last night the power of We the People was on display. The establishment lost and the people of Texas won. Congratulations Texas and Congratulations Ted Cruz!

If I were to tell you Tennessee has a golden opportunity tomorrow, August 2, 2012, to add fuel to the grassroots fire, would you know what I mean?

Red State readers are more than familiar with Senator Bob Corker’s horrible record and Erick Erickson himself has said the following, “Surely conservatives can find somebody decent to beat the heck out of Bob Corker in a primary in Tennessee. Corker is terrible. He pushes the Senate GOP left and toward capitulation. He is contemptuous of conservatives. He’s bad news. Conservatives need to rally in Tennessee and take out Bob Corker.”

I am proud to announce that this very thing is about to happen! For over a year now US Army Veteran Zach Poskevich has been traveling the state of Tennessee in an effort to unseat current US Senator Bob Corker and his hard work is paying off. The people of Tennessee Back Zach as evidenced by the growing list of endorsements. Tea Parties, County Commissioners, Mayors, Conservative Talk Show Hosts, Business Owners,  and Candidates for the Tennessee House and US Senate have come out backing Zach Poskevich!

There is no doubt last night was a huge victory for the people and the conservative cause; however, the victory in Tennessee will be one which truly changes the course of history. Why? Because the people will have done it without any outside help from big names or big money. Zach Poskevich and The Zach Pack have been working countless hours in the fight for freedom; placing a ‘firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence’ for the outcome.

So, fellow Constitutional Conservatives, Gimmie a T for Texas, Gimmie a T for Tennessee! We The People are Taking Our Power Back!


**Thank You Michael Smith, Conservative Nation Radio, for the “Gimmie a T for Texas, Gimmie a T for Tennessee” phrase**