Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

In all my life, I never imagined that I would be placed in a position where I would have to say what I am going to declare in the ensuing paragraphs. In that respect, sir, you have achieved the heretofore impossible. Not that congratulations should be forthcoming for this dubious achievement.

In previous elections – especially those most recent – we have had nominees who were palpably less Conservative than the GOP base would have liked. Inevitably, a certain segment of the Party would declare that they would never vote for such people. As a Patriot and a Conservative, I always joined those who encouraged such fellow Republicans to vote for the Republican nominee, even if it required holding our noses. A certain degree of compromise is required. After all, no candidate can fulfill 100% of the expectations of 100% of the Party.

I had always been a proponent of Ronald Reagan’s so-called “80-20 Rule,” which states – in essence – that if someone agrees with Conservative principles 80% of the time, he is a Conservative, albeit an imperfect one. That seemed to be a decent and rational threshold for defining whom to support and whom to reject. Romney and McCain were far from paragons of Conservatism but they fell within Reagan’s Rule. Thus, I voted for them even though I would have preferred different nominees.

This year, I find myself in a place where I am contemplating what to do if the GOP nominee does not fit the requirements of that Rule. In particular, Mr. Trump, if you are the nominee, I will not be voting for you. You simply do not fit Reagan’s definition. You, sir, are no Conservative and you have no legitimate place in the Republican Party.

It pains me deeply to say it, but for the first (and I hope, only) time in my life, I will be writing in a different name in November should the GOP make the monumental error of handing you the nomination.

In the unlikely chance that you are still reading this letter (or that you are even aware of it), please allow me to detail my reasoning:

1. You are a scam artist. Yes, sir, that is a harsh condemnation but it is true. You have spent a lifetime promoting Liberal causes and politicians. You have been known to disparage the very concept of truth. You have a habit of saying whatever you need to in order to close the deal, whether or not you actually believe it. You simply say what people want to hear and when you get what you want, they are immediately forgotten.

2. You are a Socialist. You have spent decades promoting one payer socialized medicine. You advocated for a $6 trillion asset confiscation tax on America’s wealthiest individuals. You said the Federal Government should retain ownership of hundreds of millions of acres of land the Government owns contrary to Constitutional limitations. You clearly have no respect for the concept of private property unless the property in question happens to be yours. Even then, it isn’t really respect for the principle. It’s personal avarice.

3. You are not pro-life. Oh, you have tried to present yourself as such since you began your campaign but you continue to stray from the standard, often drastically. For many years, you declared yourself to be “very pro-choice.” Then you changed your position and stated you were pro-life. Then pro-life with exceptions. Then you said you would fund the “good things” Planned Parenthood does. Then you said you would imprison mothers who abroted their children, taking back the statement less than a day later. Then you said the laws should remain as they are. Your inconsistency on the matter is deeply disturbing. It makes it impossible to determine your actual feelings, although every current sign points to you being an abortion advocate who is trying to disguise his beliefs.

4. You favor gay marriage. Not only did you attend a homosexual wedding but you have stated that gay marriage is the law of the land and we have to get used to it.

5. You have repeatedly called for raising taxes on the wealthy. At times you tried to pretend that this is not your actual position, but the idea keeps raising its ugly head in your campaign.

6. You have repeatedly insulted our military. You said you disliked John McCain because he was captured and you “like people who don’t get caught.” Now, Heaven Knows, there are plenty of reasons to dislike John McCain. His military record – however – is beyond reproach and deserves respect. More importantly, in saying what you did, you insulted all other members of the military who were ever captured. Your absurd statement that attending a posh military academy gives you military experience greater than many actual members of the Armed Services only serves to exacerbate the infamy of your comments. And what on Earth is this nonsense about your promiscuity being your personal Vietnam War?

7. You called for an assault weapons ban. There isn’t much to be said about this other than it is a sign of your extreme lack of understanding of the Constitution. There are high school kids who know more about it than you do.

8. You keep making proposals which are unworkable or so ridiculous, you are forced to withdraw them. The ludicrous idea that you could force the Mexican Government to pay for a wall on our southern border by illegally seizing private money being transferred to Mexico is one example. Don’t you realize that even if the Courts did not stop you, that money would simply end up transferred through underground networks, that the Government will never see any of it? Another example is your ill considered proposal to eliminate the Federal Debt in eight years, which even you saw was fundamentally stupid. You did withdraw the proposal, after all.

There are many, many more examples of how you are not a Conservative, a Republican or a Patriot. It is clear from your behavior that you are driven by narcissism, so much so that psychologists have written articles diagnosing you as suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. One even said that he has stopped making custom films for his students, opting instead to show videos of your campaign speeches. You are a textbook example of not only NPD but quite possibly of a sociopathic personality, as well.

The reasons for opposing you are too numerous to exhaustively list and you keep giving people like me more and more such reasons every day.

Therefore, Mr. Trump, it is with great sadness that I have to say that I hope Senator Cruz does whatever is necessary – regardless of whether or not some consider such measures “fair” – to destroy your political aspirations and deny you the GOP nomination. In the alternative, I will be forced to do something I never thought I would: I will write in the name of some other individual. I know that person will not win. I also know that whether or not I vote for you, you will not win. Your actions alienating the people of this Nation have guaranteed that conclusion. Therefore, I will suffer neither pangs of guilt nor qualms of conscience in denying you my vote.

You, sir, are no American in the moral sense. Like our current President, you consider yourself a Universe of one, an entire cosmos unto yourself. You and I do not belong to the same Nation. I cannot support you to be the leader of the Nation in which I live, the Nation I love.

I have never had a problem choosing the lesser of two evils. I will not – however – choose one evil over another which is equally as bad. That is a line I will not cross. And if the election comes down to you and Hillary Clinton, it will be nothing but a coin toss with a two headed quarter, an indistinguishable choice between two people who are equally dishonest, equally self-centered, equally vicious and equally Leftist. I will not devalue my Right to vote by flipping that coin. My vote will be one of protest, not one of choice.

Sincerely (but certainly not respectfully),

Imre Beke, American

Imre Beke is the former host of Right Time Radio on WKNY 1490 AM. Imre is currently the CEO of Heritage American Media, which is about to launch an online radio and video network and operates the Heritage American News Digest news aggregation website.