Defending Those Who Defend Us

Today, a brave man was laid to rest. A police officer in one of the largest police forces in the world. And it breaks my heart to see the photos of his young son at the funeral, to witness his family, his friends and his brothers from all over the USA have to stand with honor and dignity while they are feeling torn apart inside.

I am not a cop. I don’t have the temperament or the training or the talent or the courage or the ability to do what police officers do. However, I have several friends who are law enforcement officers and every time an officer is killed, it scares the blazes out of me. I always wonder if the next time I see a headline about a police officer being killed, will it be one of my friends.

Thus, I have spent the last several days enraged. I am angry – deeply angry – at a President whose fraudulent statements about racism have fanned the flames of hatred for the police. I am angry at race baiting “civil rights leaders” who do not lead, who care nothing about rights and who are in no way civil but who do profit by racial hatred in America. I am angry at the Mayor of New York who has neither the decency nor the spine to stand unequivocally by his officers and staunchly against criminals.

I am perhaps most angry at “protesters” who spread lies about the police. Many are people with whom I ally politically when it comes to other issues but who are dead wrong with regard to the police. The truth is that there is no epidemic of police brutality in America today. There is no racist widlfire running wild through police forces in this country driving them to target people based on race. There is no atmosphere of corruption among law enforcement officers.

My proof? Simple. If you find yourself in agreement with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Barack Hussein Obama and Bill DeBlasio on any issue, that is a 110% guarantee that you are as wrong as you can possibly be. There is plenty of empirical data to prove that our police officers are neither corrupt nor brutal but in the end, the best evidence is the fact that if you lie down with rabid dogs, you will not only get fleas, you will come away infected.

Not since the days of soldiers returning from Vietnam only to be spat upon by filthy, unwashed hippies who called them “babykillers” have we seen such hatred for people who carry arms and risk their lives on our behalf.

The truth is, our police officers are people just like the rest of us with the exception of a strong helping of courage and the dedication to put that courage to work protecting the rest of us.

In the movie “A Few Good Men,” the character of Joann Galloway (played by Demi Moore) is asked why she likes the Marines so much. Her response is simple and classically poignant:

“Because they stand on a wall and say, ‘Nothing’s going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch.'”

That applies not only to Marines and soldiers, but to police officers as well. They are willing to give their lives to make sure that nothing hurts us or our families. They get paid very little. Their family relationships often take a major pounding. Their loved ones live in constant fear of the possibility that the doorbell will ring and two other officers will be standing there with the worst possible news.

And they don’t ask for thanks or words of appreciation, although they are certainly owed that much. On the other hand, they do and should expect to not be insulted and lied about. Yes, the criticisms are lies. They are frauds disseminated by a society which believes headlines but neglects to read the articles in which the details are very different, a society which watches 30 second clips on YouTube and condemns cops without knowing what happened in the ten minutes prior.

As for us, we have a duty, as well. It is our obligation to defend those who defend us. And that is why I have made it a personal mission to shake the hands of officers, to express gratitude and – when I encounter it – to correct the vile untruths being told. Can one man make a difference? Probably not. But millions of us can. We must tell the truth about the bravery and kindness inherent in almost every officer. We must never back down no matter how loud or angry the liars become. Even if we never change a single mind, we must do what we can because although our efforts may bear no fruit, the officers we defend will know. They must know. They deserve to know that there are those who value them and cherish them and who take the abuse that they bear as a personal affront.

That man or woman with a badge and a gun? He is my brother. She is my sister. And you will NOT insult him or her in my presence. So find somewhere else to peddle your poison. It will not be tolerated here.

Officers Ramos and Liu, may God Bless your families and may He Receive you into His Kingdom. May He Keep all our officers safe.