The Invasions of the United States and Europe - Why Start A War When You Can Sign Up For Welfare?

Last Monday I wrote a piece about immigration here at home and a changing face of Europe abroad. It was inspired by a trip to Europe and Ann Coulter’s Adios America. With all of this on my mind I tuned into Rush’s show on Friday for my normal dose of Excellence in Broadcasting. And in a moment he crystallized exactly what was going on… both in Europe and here, although he was specifically talking about the refugee crisis / chaos in Europe. In a moment he completely changed my perception of the issue – or at least made sense out of what I am, and many others are, seeing.

He was talking about the immigrants who were in Hungary and were trying to get to Austria and Germany. The papers are full of heart wrenching pieces of Syrians escaping persecution. Of dozens of Libyans drowning as their overcrowded boats seek out the Greek or Italian coasts. Of families not wanting to be sent to refugee camps. Of Iraqis seeking to escape the ruthless ISIS killers of men, women and children. All of those are true, and it is heartbreaking. The underlying current of all of this coverage is that if Europe doesn’t take in these people, they are heartless and probably racists.

Many of the people who are making up this refugee crisis are indeed escaping terror of one sort of another. But Rush points out something interesting. If it was just terror or repression these people are escaping… why don’t we see them stopping in Turkey, where, the leader may be an Islamist, they’re not shooting people in the street. Or why aren’t they stopping in Greece where they would expected to be beyond the reach of most of the hated repressors they are escaping from? He points out that no, they are heading to Germany and Sweden where they can expect to receive generous benefits from the government. He puts it quite well: It’s not immigration, it’s an invasion.

If this was about helping refugees, Turkey and Greece could set up camps to provide food and shelter and the rest of Europe could fund them.  It would cost much less than new welfare recipients spread across the Continent.  But the refugees have no intention of staying in either of those countries or in camps in Hungary.  It’s Germany or Bust!  I’m not familiar with many situations where refugees enter a place illegally and then demand where they want to stay and what kinds of accommodations they will accept.

Basically the Europeans are inviting Muslims to finish what Umayyads couldn’t accomplish in the 8th Century and the Ottomans couldn’t do in the 15th and 16th. Already Muslims make up between 5% and 10% of most major European countries – and upwards of 20% in many of the largest cities… and the numbers were expected to grow rapidly, even before this refugee problem.

This poses an interesting juxtaposition… and a bit of irony. For 50 years American leadership kept much of Western Europe free in the face of a Soviet menace that was constantly seeking to enlarge its empire. Because of the security provided by the United States those same European nations were able to spend billions of dollars a year on welfare programs. Now, today, after six years of American failure of leadership AKA “leading from behind” it is those welfare programs themselves that are acting as a magnet to those who more often than not have no use for the freedoms that the United States spent half a century defending… Why fight a hot war against the Crusaders when you can simply sign up for their welfare programs and help them collapse from within?

The same holds true for the United States and the influx of illegals from Latin America. Just as the welfare programs of Europe have been drawing and supporting Muslims for a quarter century, American welfare programs have been doing the same for immigrants – both legal and illegal – from south of the border for even longer. Just as Europe’s crisis is coming to a head, so too one is here in America, where La Raza seeks to create its own empire called Aztlan… but thankfully Donald Trump has put that crisis front and center.

If only the Soviets had been smarter, they could have conquered both the United States and Europe without firing a missile. Just as ISIS has promised to put sleepers in amongst the refugees flooding into Europe, Gorbachev could have recruited Manchurian candidates from the Middle East and Latin America to invade Europe and the US respectively. Unlike the character Frank Sinatra investigates in the movie however, these Manchurian candidates wouldn’t have had to actually assassinate anyone. They could have just gone forth and multiplied and continued to receive their welfare checks. Eventually the Russian Bear would have been able to walk right into both after their economies and the cultures were obliterated. Perhaps it’s only fitting that all of this is occurring just as a leader formed in the kiln of the Soviet Union’s KGB is reasserting Russian military might at the very time the West is so vulnerable. Russian vodka, Mexican tequila and the Koran… that might make for some interesting interactions.

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