Adios America, Europe in Transition & An Enlightened Single Issue Voter

I’ve just returned from two weeks in Europe with our time split between France and Germany. My sleep patterns being off a bit I occupied myself for a few nights reading Ann Coulter’s Adios America. Great book! I highly recommend picking up a copy.

In it she talks about the disaster unfettered immigration from the third world has been for the United States. Essentially Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 would set the nation on a path that has gone a long way to transforming it into a banana republic. Where once immigration to the United States was limited and largely drawn from nations that shared similar cultures with the United States – based on a quota system that mirrored the origins of existing Americans – today we have a system where immigrants from largely third world countries, where mores are vastly different than those of traditional America, outnumber immigrants from Europe exponentially.

I found the subject matter of Adios America particularly interesting as we visited Munich, a city I last found myself some 20+ years ago while in the Army… back when it was still called West Germany. The city itself had not changed dramatically. The cathedrals were still beautiful with their stunning Rococo architecture, the Alte Pinakothek still has one of my favorite paintings (The Battle of Alexander at Issus) and the food is still distinctly… bland. There was however one dramatic change that was readily observable two decades later… the demographics. Easily 20% of the people we saw strolling around Marienplatz and the rest of the city were Muslims. Such a preponderance of woman wearing full burkas in Germany was extraordinary and unlike anything I’d seen there before. This change was particularly noteworthy as three Americans had just subdued an Islamic terrorist on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, a truck with the bodies of 71 refugees from Syria had just been discovered across the border in Austria, and the German government was at that very time attempting to force Facebook to remove all “racist” anti refugee posts on its platform.

While we didn’t observe any inappropriate behavior in either France or Germany from anyone, immigrant or otherwise… as tourists sticking to tourist areas we didn’t expect to. But there very much is a clash of civilizations going on in the France and Germany and much of the West. Already 10% of France is Muslim while Germany is expected to receive almost a million refugees this year, almost all of whom are coming from war torn Muslim countries. Of course it wouldn’t be a war if the immigrants integrated into and contributed to the larger society. But that’s not happening. In France each New Year is rung in by 1,000 cars being burned by Mulims.  80% of Turks in Germany are on Welfare, Muslim polygamy in rampant in Britain, immigrants have driven Sweden to number three rape country in the world, and in France, where 10% of the population is Muslim Newsweek reports that somehow 16% of the population supports ISIS.

None of this bodes well for the Europe that brought us Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Gutenberg, Voltaire, Locke, Mozart, Churchill or any one of the millions of others that help build western culture into the greatest – if imperfect – culture that we have today.

And just in time for the 2016 US election Coulter does a superb job of documenting exactly how on this side of the Atlantic the United States came to find itself on the cusp of turning the greatest nation in human history into another banana republic failure.  It started with Kennedy and has continued unabated for 50 years with the manipulation of the political classes, cheerleading by the mainstream media and the funding from big business. From gang rape culture and welfare as the norm to lockstep voting for anti American Democrats to eviscerating the middle class and stratospheric murder rates, Coulter articulates in crystal clear language and notes – 280 pages of content backed up by 89 pages of footnotes – the extraordinary costs unfettered immigration has imposed on the United States and its citizens over the last five decades.

This is not some hyper jingoistic screed fixated on anyone not white. On the contrary, in numerous places she highlights the fact that many of those hurt most by the millions of lowskilled workers pouring over the border are blacks and the immigrants who were here before. Nor does she suggest putting every illegal immigrant in a camp or on a bus and shipping them home. What she does suggest however is to stop the flow… then figure out what to do with those here… which would no doubt include sending many home, but would include assimilating many others. Like the Titanic, it makes no sense to rearrange the deck chairs while the gaping hole in the boat is allowing water to flow in freely. Today, with a million or more would be welfare recipients, children in need of education and healthcare, gangsters in waiting crossing the border every year, Coulter does a better job of articulating the problem than virtually any politician has in half a century.

I’ve never been a single issue voter. In fact, I’ve written that single issue voting is stupid and often ends up being a disaster. But that was three years ago, and looking at the last half century in general and the last 6 years in particular; it is now clear that immigration policy has become the hole in the side of the American ship. Immigration is not abortion.  Immigration is not the 2nd Amendment.  Immigration is not tax policy.  Those are deck chairs… immigration is the hull and today there is a hole in it… and the ship is sinking.  If that hole is not plugged, this boat will go down.  At that point there won’t be any individual freedom or limited government or economic prosperity left for conservatives to fight for.  There won’t be life to preserve, there won’t be a 2nd Amendment to protect, there will not be a tax code to reform.  There will be nothing left of the Constitution and the framework left to us by our Foundng Fathers that set the stage for the greatest advance of the human condition in all of human history.  There will be nothng left of what you know as America.  The only thing left will be to look for a country where those formerly American ideals might still be valued… and things aren’t looking particularly good on that score either… So I’ll be looking o the guy who makes this the issue of the campaign.  My money is on Cruz… but one has to recognize that today Trump is the guy on this issue.

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