The Twilight Zone and Amnesty: The GOP leadership embraces the national nightmare...

I remember watching an episode of the Twilight Zone many years ago where the entire show showed characters from the shoulders down. Almost everyone was in white lab coats as the scene was in a hospital and the focus was the ugliness of a patient. Something had happened to her, but throughout the episode everyone kept expressing revulsion and pity because she was so ugly. Then at the end we finally see the patient and she’s a beautiful blonde and its everyone else who is horribly ugly.

The world we thought we were looking at was just the opposite of what we thought it was. So too it seems to be that I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone again, the only difference is, the instead of the craziness originating in the head of Rod Serling it’s percolating out of the head of John Boehner. The ugliness of amnesty and immigration reform are obvious to anyone paying attention, but Boehner and the rest of the GOP establishment are simply too taken by the echo chamber that says the GOP can’t survive without pandering that they don’t actually bother looking at the facts.

The GOP leadership are brain dead on immigration and it will lead to the demise of the party… and more importantly, the free country as we know it. Over the last 15 years 60% of the legal immigration into the United States has come from six countries: Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Costa Rica. Fully 45% came from Mexico alone. At the same time 75% of illegal immigrants are from those same countries.

Of course none of that would matter if those immigrants were coming to the United States to start anew, embrace freedom, private enterprise and pursue the American dream. Unfortunately that’s not what’s happening. They are seeking to replicate the big government dysfunction and disaster of their home countries here in the United States.

As a result, while I look at the beauty in the bed and what I see is a nation of freedom and prosperity, they look at the bed and see a disfigured country that must be saved from its pain, and the only way to do it is to pander to the 10s of millions of legal and illegal immigrants who seek to replicate in America the banana republics from which they came.  To enable them the GOP:

Secretly conspires with the enemies of freedom to end… well… a nation founded on freedom

Openly conspires with the enemies of freedom to end… well… a nation founded on freedom

So here we are, with everyone in the country telling the GOP that they simply can’t survive if they don’t pander to the growing Hispanic minority and essentially open up our national arms and welcome in anyone who can survive the crossing of the Rio.  That is beauty.  We who are paying attention however are thinking “Are those people blind?  Can’t they see that this is a recipe for national suicide?”  Unfortunately however, this is not a 30 minute episode of escapist fiction written by a giant of the small screen when it was indeed small.

No, thanks to  Boehner et. al. sitting around in their little circle jerk with Democrats and the La Raza crowd, this made for TV nightmare is going to be wreaking havoc in towns and communities across the nation over the next decade until there really is little distinction to be found between the chaos south of the Rio Grande and that which was once a great and prosperous nation.  And, regretfully, as Rod Serling might say… there is little hope for escape from this Twilight Zone.