NoMoreHacks in Illinois

NoMoreHacks in Illinois

Illinois Democrats have forced our hand.  As shocked as we all were last week by the brazen corruption charges against Governor Rod Blagojevich, it took only a few days for the Chicago Machine to kick back into craven gear.

After virtually every Democrat in Illinois, including Barack Obama, opined last week that a special election to fill Obama’s senate seat was necessary to remove the taint of a selection by Blagojevich or his chief enabler, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, today, they all reversed course.

One by one, Quinn, Obama, Blagojevich campaign co-chairman and House Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President Emil Jones, all shut the people down.  In essence they said the hacks had regrouped and will select one of them to give the state of Illinois another dose of astoundingly bad government.

We’ve had enough.  We are going to take a stand, at ground zero of Democratic corruption in the USA, headquarters of Obama’s make believe Office of the President Elect, against the real time looting of one of our largest states.  Just remember, Obama is importing the operation to the federal government, led by his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who, it was reported today, might be on tape 15 or more times talking to the Blagojevich administration about the senate seat.

We are forming NoMoreHacks, a grass roots movement that demands a special election now in Illinois.

Our call to action:

1.  Send any donation you can to the Illinois Republican Party, which has taken the lead against the hackery in Illinois with a great TV ad and a website, FriendsofBlago.com, that explains the connections of Illinois Democrats to the Blagojevich scandal.  The state party has never had the funding to run such an ad before and needs cash to keep it going.  Let’s keep the TV ads coming so we can pressure state lawmakers to do the right thing.

2.  Spread the word far and wide about NoMoreHacks so we can demonstrate the power and reach of those who believe government should not be for sale in America.

3.  We’ve started a Twitter hashtag #nmh.

Here is the latest ad that needs to be  keept on the air so pressure is applied to Illinois Democrats and remind voters of how spinless the Democratic Party leaders are in Illinois……..