War Effort Blamed for EMS Crashes

As casualities continue to drop in Iraq, as pointed out here by the Chicago Daily Observer, the media seems to find stranger and stranger angles to blame the war for death and hardship.


Headline from my Feedreader…...

War hogs night vision goggles; EMS pilots crash
CNN.comToday at 1:53 PM


Actual Headline after you click through to CNN’s site…….Board: Lives lost ‘needlessly’ in medical helicopter crashes


The night vision googles and the war are finally mentioned in paragraph fourteen. I’m sure that some liberal blogger is taking this article as proof of some war crime and going to demand some Congressional hearing. I’m positive that Congressmen from both parties will be more than happen to have millions of new earmarks to pay for the needed goggles to local EMS. Hey… drop it into the Homeland Defense budget. They are first responders after all. Man I gotta stop giving them ideas. Read the CNN article here.