What every voter needs to consider this November

I would like to see McCain bring along a copy of the chosen one’s autobiography to the debate tonight and read from the holy gospel according to Barack. There are passages in his book that would make even the most stalwart Obama supporter cringe. And the best part of all is BHO can’t say that it is lies being perpetuated by the vast RWC. It’s right there in his own words. Of course I am sure BHO has a logical explanation for that too. He will give a twenty minute dissertation that will make you forget just what the question was in the first place. But his answer will include “change and middle-class”, and references to “them” who are obviously the “them” that are out to smear his good name and detract from the real issues facing Americans today. Or some variation of all that blooey.

Let us sound the death knell for objective journalism in the MSM. It is dead. A moment of silence please. If McCain had just one of the many skeletons Obama has tucked away in his closet, he would have been driven out of the race before the primaries were over. Yet BHO just rides along on the free pass of the MSM. Here is just a small sample of BHO’s past. Let’s review the Obama lowlights:

• He has associated himself with racist clergymen and attended a radical church that hates America, white America in particular, for most of his adult life. These associations include not only the infamous J. Wright, but also Rev Meeks (google this sorry excuse for a man of the cloth). And let’s not forget the Catholic priest, Rev Pfleger, and his Hillary rant. It made all of us who live in the Chicago area so proud (especially us Catholics). Pfleger is also on record as wanting to “snuff out” a gun shop owner in a Chicago suburb (nice talk for a follower of Christ).

• When first elected to the Senate, his wife, who sits on the board of a local hospital, had her salary doubled. Shortly thereafter that same hospital received a nice stipend courtesy of the American taxpayers and one Barack Obama. Just a coincidence I am sure.

• He is a close business partner of Tony Rezko. Mr. Rezko is on his way to jail for a litany of financial felonies. The day that Obama bought his house in Chicago a few years ago, Rezko bought the adjacent plot. Apparently the price was a little too high for BHO so his good friend Tony bought it for him. Just to be nice. I am sure there was no other possible reason Mr. Rezko would do that for BHO and his family. Give credit to BHO though, he admitted it was a “bonehead move”. Ooops! silly Barack, isn’t he just a rascal?!

• And let’s not forget his ties to that great American, Bill Ayers. Mr. Ayers was a member of the 60’s radical group the Weather Underground. Those kooky kids really weren’t all that bad. They just blew up a couple government buildings and killed a few innocent government people who I am sure deserved it. I am also sure those weather underground scamps did it while wearing their tie-dyed peace t-shirts. Of course this all happened when Obama was a young child.
And even though Ayers has said recently he wished he could have done
more damage, and killed more innocent Americans, I am sure BHO doesn’t see anything at all wrong with being friends with some “guy who lives in his neighborhood”. Just a buddy. Well those extreme right-wingers at CNN have dug up information that shows there is a much closer relationship than BHO has previously stated. Does anyone find that lie disturbing? Hello MSM? Are you there?

• Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines association. Sub-prime mortgage mess:
enough said.

• ACORN activist.

These are just a few examples of BHO’s past. This does not include his own admitted illegal drug use. He has a long history of bad decisions, bad behavior, questionable alliances, and associations with some of the most radical, criminal, and outright dangerous individuals not seen since Al Capone was running the streets of Chicago. And the MSM just ignores all of these facts about BHO. They look away or they downplay every single instance of his obvious bad judgment as just an innocent mistake or they categorize it as a republican campaign smear. We are but a few weeks away from electing our next President. How is it possible that this man, this incompetent dangerous man, is even being mentioned as a possibility, let alone the front-runner for this office? Have we lost our collective minds in this country? Apparently we have. And what is worse. I am afraid we may have also lost our soul.