Racism in the race

While there are a lot of issues concerning Obama that can show him to be the empty suit that he is, I want to address in particualar the double standard in this race, when it comes down to race. The reality is this:

IF John McCain, or Sarah Palin belonged to a radical church for 21 YEARS that espoused the same kind of racist hatred, outrageous and dangerous lies, and unabashed disgust and contempt for this country, the kind of church that Obama attended (for 21 YEARS!!!), they would be CRUCIFIED in the MSM and every other kind of media in this country and most countries world-wide. The pastor of this so-called church that Obama attended, baptized Obama’s children! He also wrote the forward for Obama’s book. And he also is infamous in his well documented, public record of hatred for white people. He has sold DVD’s spewing his hatred. And yet it seeems that Obama gets a free pass on this. He has never answered, to my satisfaction anyway, why he was a very INVOLVED member of this church FOR 21 YEARS!!. Why did he appoint the pastor of this “church”, Jeremiah Wright, to a “spititual advisor” position on his own staff?

Racism does exist and it most certainly exists in the form of one Barack H. Obama. He hasn’t earned nor does he deserve a free pass from explaining this to the American public. It angers me that he trots out how he has been the vicitm of racist comments, when he has the most explaining to do when it comes down to his own racist past! He has a long track record of associating himself with people of dubious character (Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc). 21 years is not a phase, or a momentary lack of judgement. It is a deliberate and chosen path that Obama took, with his wife and kids at his side. Is that what he teaches them at home? To hate your country? That white people are evil and should be damned? He is an absolute phony hypocrite with no resume, a history of questionable judgement, and a collection of friends the likes of which have not been seen in Chicago since the days of Al Capone. I implore the MSM, and every other media outlet to not give Obama this type of free ride. They certainly give no quarter to McCain or Palin. Why is there fear to expose this charlatan? I always thought, naively perhaps, that America was home to a free press. Another casualty of the leftist agenda I guess. I still hold out hope that Obama’s past will be shown and dissected under the same type of microscopic light that the McCain/Palin ticket has been under. But that hope fades a little every day.

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