Chevy Chase aka Mr. Irrelevent

Chevy Chase has commented that he liked the SNL skit about Palin but said it didn’t go far enough. He said he would like to see an encore where they “really decimate her” Typical comment from one of the Hollywooden heads. I guess he is a bitter man since his own career has gone down the drain. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile since he quit using drugs. If SNL is so cutting edge ike they fancy themselves to be, and willing to explore every taboo and so called “untouchable” subject, then why haven’t we seen a scathing skit about Obama? Why not decimate him? Who are they afraid of? They are very afraid of bucking hollywood’s obvious agenda of getting Obama elected. SNL used to be cutting edge. Now they, like Chase, have become an empty shell of what they once were and are both totally IRRELEVENT.

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