Attack and destroy politics

I see Barack Obama has a new ad criticizing McCain for not being a computer whiz. Which in itself is indicative of just how scattered his campaign has become. This is the big issue of the day? Make fun of his age? He has also found unflattering pictures of McCain from back in the 70’s. I have seen pictures of Obama in tribal head dress too. Some people might see that as somewhat silly. I myself have several pictures I would like to burn from the 70’s too. But I digress. There only needs to be one response to this ad- Barak Obama has mastered email. Good for him! John McCain is a military-trained pilot. He has flown multi-million dollar jet fighters in hostile environments. Which is harder to master technically? Enough said!

This is just another sad ad from the Democrats. What they STILL don’t realize is they are the ones who are out of touch. My parents, my in-laws, and even some of my brothers and sisters are still computer challenged. These are people who are CPA’s, Machinists, and successful business people. And they vote! So my advice to the democrats is this: Keep insulting older members of our society. Continue criticizing small town residents. Keep ridiculing fellow Americans because..I don’t know…because they aren’t “Cosmopolitan” enough (Thanks Rudy!). That’s my advice for the Democrats.