Appalled at Dem Blog site

I logged in to the Dalykos web site to tweek all the Dems on the demise of the Obama campaign. I found their blog to be filled with disgusting references to McCain and Palin. I am proud of the Red Staters who blog here regularly. I have read some of the most well thought-out blogs on this site. I have yet to read a blog here that references the anatomy of either Obama or Biden. The Dkos blog is disgusting. I would have loved to debate the clowns there but it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. I am not a prude, but the site is disgusting. I will not log on there again. Too disgusting. They can’t argue intelligently so they act like immature high-schoolers and indulge in name calling (and I apologize to most immature High schoolers for including them). Absolutely no class.

I noticed the Obama camp has once again attacked small-town America. How come the candidate of change who says he will unite all people, derives pleasure in attacking certain groups and citizens in this country? Remember his attack on small town America saying they are simply misguided people who cling to religion and guns? Nice stereotype Barry. I would think he would be sensitive to stereotyping. I guess not. Obama is just another Dem politician spewing his socialistic policies.

P.S. Poor Hillary. Shown up by the other woman- again!