Inaugaral rant


This is my inaugural diary entry. A fitting occasion as we sit and enjoy the Democrats fight and squabble amongst each other. I commented to my son that I thought Obama made a mistake by not giving Hillary an obligatory meeting. I thought a smart move would be to have given Hillary a token look for VP. There is still a lot of hostility in the Clinton camp. I was watching Fox news interview a member of PUMA-Party Unity My Ass. Lends credence to the old adage- Nature knows no fury as a woman scorned. Especially when her name is Hillary. The PUMA people has delusions of Hillary being the candidate-still! Hillary would love another run at Obama in four years. Which is why she is secretly enjoying the friction between her supporters and the Obama camp. Should Obama beat McCain (that just gave me a chill!) she knows she will have to wait 8 years before she can run again. By that time this country will be wise to the left agenda.

One more thing I would like to comment on- I believe this country NEEDS to hear from the conservative right. The republicans need to do a better job of getting their message out, especially to the younger voters. The silent majority needs to be heard from again. McCain is certainly a middle of the road politician. He is pro-life and had better choose a candidate with similar political leanings if he wants the evangelical voters to come out. He must also hammer Obama’s inexperience and flip-flops. I would also re-visit his associations with the Black liberation church movement along with ties to 60’s radicals, and other shady characters from the Chicago and Cook county Democrat machine. Paint the picture of Illinois’ absolute governmental disarray and keep this message in the ears of those undecided voters (They need to have it hammered in their brains for it to stick). The next President will appoint the 2-3 new Judges. It is CRITICAL they are not liberal judges scheming to rewrite the constitution. Get out the vote! Those states that are a toss-up need to understand what the implications will be should Obama be elected. It could impact our way of life and the direction of this country for a generation.