Studies Show Doctors will not participate in Government run health insurance

Obama has said over and over that the AMA supports his health care reform proposal and if you like your doctors, you can keep them.   But, he failed to mention that most doctors don’t belong to the AMA.   So, what do the majority of doctors think about Obama’s government run healthcare proposal?   And, would there be enough doctors to handle the increased patient load in particular for the elderly given the decrease in medicare payment reimbursement?

Here’s some key findings of studies done on behalf of the American Society of Medical Doctors (ASMD):

1)  70 % of specialty physicians oppose the Democrat health care plan

2)  66% of specialty physicians believe a government run insurance plan would hinder their ability to give their best advice and patient care

3) 60% of specialty physicians would not accept new patients who are part of a government run insurance plan

In short, most doctors are opposed to government run healthcare and view these plans as a threat to the doctor/patient relationship.  Here are the ASMD positions:

1)  Healthcare is a medical issue between dr/patient and politicans & bureaucrats shouldn’t make these decisions

2)  Treatments, procedures and prescriptions shouldn’t be mandated by middle managers, government workers or politicians who are focused only on annual budgets

3)  Doctors should do their jobs without exorbitant liability insurance fees or fear of frivolous lawsuits would would eliminate the practice of defensive medicine and costly unnecessary tests