A present in the mail from John McCain

An interesting piece of marketing arrived from the John McCain campaign today in my mail slot (yeah, I don’t have a box, I have a slot. Which is cooler, mind you).

Anyway, it was a nice little message talking about reforming Washington, stopping out of control spending, and ending corporate giveaways (I supposed it’s always popular to rail against the evil corporations, nevermind they actually provide the jobs we need, and contrary to recent articles, pay taxes, and a lot of them at that).

What was interesting, though, is the other half of the thing was two official Wisconsin Application for Absentee Ballots, pre-addressed with the address of the city clerk in my little Wisconsin town and everything.

Maybe this has been done before, but I’ve never seen it, and I thought that was a creative way to get in front of people and ensure their vote would be counted in November. It probably doesn’t apply to many people since I assume most will be heading to their physical polling place on election day, but even if it gathers a few thousand people, in Wisconsin, that could be important given the way this race has started to tighten up.

Nice work.