IL Sen: Kirk and the Mob Banker tied at 41%

Rasmussen has come out with new polling results for the race to replace Roland Burris for the Senate seat that was held by Barrack Obama. If the election here held today, likely GOP nominee Rep. Mark Kirk would be tied with Illinois Treasurer and former mob tied Broadway Bank executive Alexi Giannoulias at 41%. Kirk leads the other democrats in the race, Cheryl Jackson (a former Blago aide) and David Hoffman (former Inspector General) by 4 and 10 points respectively.

Giannoulias, a basketball buddy of Barry’s, has closed a 41-38 gap on Kirk from the August version of the poll. Giannoulias has a plus 3 favorability rating (17 very favorable) and Kirk has a plus 10 favorability  rating (18% very favorable). 20 percent of voters do not know enough about either to form an opinion on them.  The independent vote in the poll is going to Kirk at a 52-23 rate, which has to be somewhat disheartening to the White House if independents from Illinois preferring a Republican 2 to 1 over a guy in Giannoulias who is only in his current office because Senator Obama was hawking him in campaign ads like he was Billy Mays and Giannoulias was Oxyclean.

That is why in spite of how much Kirk’s Rinoism irritates me and my preference that he stay in the House to keep that seat safe, instead of risking it for a 50-50 senate race, that I think conservatives need to back Kirk, Giannoulias is Obama.  If this race is competitive people will know about Broadway Bank and it will be another brick in the wall of corruption and radicalism that surrounds Barrack Obama. The fact that in the five years that Barrack Obama has been a major force in Illinois politics that Giannoulias is the only person that Barry has put any political capital into getting elected will enter the national political discussion. 

Poll: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections2/election_2010/election_2010_senate_elections/illinois/election_2010_illinois_senate_election