Rasmussen poll shows Huckabee leading the 2012 race

Rasmussen Reports released a poll today showing that shows what the results would be if there was a national GOP primary for the 2012 nomination was held today and it shows:

  1. Huckabee 29%
  2. Romney 24%
  3. Palin 18%
  4. Gingrich 14%
  5. Pawlenty 4%
  6. Somebody else 6%
  7. Not Sure 7%

Rasmussen also asked poll respondents who they would not want to see win the nomination:

  1. Pawlenty 24%
  2. Palin 21%
  3. Newt 20%
  4. Romney 9%
  5. Huckabee 8%

Obviously at this time in the “race” name id is what is driving the support for candidates and the numbers are extremely volatile and are likely to change. Next month at this time, Palin’s numbers could be really up as people who like her but are concerned about her viability as a Presidential candidate have their fears soothed after reading her book. I do think that it is worth some discussion about what this poll says about the GOP in October of 2009.

I for one was shocked to see Huckabee getting a little under a third of the vote and less than 1 in 10 respondents being against his nomination.  At a time when it seems like the party can get out of the wilderness it has been in since the day after the re-election of former President Bush, primarily because the public is uneasy with the current administration tax and spend agenda and weak foreign policy, nominating Huckabee would be telling the public “we just want to moderate the Obama agenda, not end it.” When we need to be saying, “we have to get back to fiscal sanity at home and restore America’s credibility and security abroad.”  Remember when everyone was shocked at Obama’s Nobel victory and even some lefties were pointing out how absurd it was, it was Huckabee telling us on the right “to stop whining about it.”

The good thing about this is that it is still three years away and should be on the back burner for now. Winning the House should be goal 1, 2 and 3 of the Conservative movement right now. As with a GOP controlled house it gives a chance for our brightest minds in that chamber like Mike Pence or Paul Ryan to become more well known and maybe two years from now be seen as a strong candidate for the nomination.

Link to the poll: