Has Anyone seen the Top of the Drudge Report?

I just checked out the Drudge Report and the headline is this:

ABC/CBS/NBC/NYT/LAT/WSJMSNBC/AP/Reuters/AFP/PoliticoFT/Time/WashPost/NewsweekCan they all be wrong?

Their is no link to anything at all, which is a bit unusual for Drudge because most of the time that he is teasing something he usually links back to his website. The only clue about what it is is a cartoon of Obama in a Superman pose with the American Flag in the background. The top of the cartoon reads:

Presidential MaterialBarack Obama

So why with all the polls showing steady but what is histroical tightening as inexpirencied candidates (Carter, Clinton, Bush43) had leads in polls narrow a week or so before the election only to win, does Drudge have a headline mocking the media already correnating Obama? My guess is either some of the tracking polls coming out tommorrow Drudge has learned (He already has Zogby showing a 4-point race tommorrow.) show a really tight narrowing or I am hoping he has some damaging info on Barry (The Whitey tape)?

I doubt it is good polling news, as besides Zogby the other tracking polls that come out in the morning that Drudge could have now are Battleground and Rasmussen. Battleground does not have that big of a following and if they had a poll showing McCain up, it would laughed away at by the MSM. Given that Rasmussen has a +7 Democrat party ID advantage, I am doubting we see any postive news from him this week. Anyways a poll could just be a one day thing and not a real gamechanger.

This leads to my wish, something that damages Obama’s chances to win the White House this year. The first thing that pops to mind is the widely hyped Whitey Tape, which is alleged tape of Mechelle Obama calling Whites “whitey” and “crackers”. Could it be that this tape was not in the hands GOP operatives as Hillary supporter Larry Johnson has said along, but Johnson had it along and has finally now given it to Drudge to take out Obama once and for all? The tape was no use to Hillary after all as it would have killed her support in the General with African Americans and white eggheads guarenteeing her defeat in the General election.

Could have a LA times intern leaked to Drudge the tape of him toasting an Islamic exremist, who just happens to had called for the destruction of Israel? Is the “Presidential Material” atop the cartoon the give away to Drudge’s mystery? Does he have a copy of a Kenyan Birth Certificate for Barack Obama, as some PUMA’s have argued he is not a “natural born citizen”. Does he have a tape of Obama in Trinty United Church at the time of a controversial sermon that Obama had no clue about until April? Is it something out of Left Field? Atleast one thing is for sure Drudge is going to get alot of traffic tomorrow as this odd headline makes it around the web.

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