Andrew Sullivan's Palin Derangement Syndrome makes him say anti-semitic rant

Since John McCain named Sarah Palin to be his running mate last Friday it has caused a new Mental Health disorder among the nation’s drive-by media. This disorder is Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS), it is simlair to Bush Derangement Syndrome except the focus of the derangement is Gov. Palin and not President Bush.

The most severe case of PDS is that The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan. He has demanded DNA evidence that Bristol Palin is not the mother of her youngest brother Trig, even though it has been proven several times through various sources. The latest symptom of his PDS has caused Sullivan a man who has always talked about tolerance towards others to make a statement that morning that crossed the line to anti-semetic prejudice.

In complaning about the fact that Bill Kristol is not talking about the Foriegn Policy credentials of Gov. Palin in his latest article Sullivan writes, ” I know she’s being safely indoctrinated by Joe Liebermanand AIPAC as we speak.” Yes, his PDS is so bad he could not even hit the space bar bewteen Lieberman and and.

If Sullivan is that concerned about a Foreign Policy neophyte being a heart beat away from the Presidency, why he voting for a Foreign Policy neophyte to be President? The answer is that Sullivan will just use anything he can to make an argument aganist Palin, even if it undermines the case for Obama. The only thing Sullivan is concerned about is the fact that Gov. Palin is a strong advocate aganist gay marriage and because of that she has to be stopped at all cost.

The question should be now will Sen. Obama now take his pledge to fire any of his campaign members who take part in dirty campaigning aganist Gov. Palin one step farther and boycott media outlets that still employ people who will suffer PDS. If Obama wants to start a new politics as he stated during his acceptance speech at the DNC then to borrow a phrase of his he needs to be the change he seeks. He should also to charity the money donated to him by that slezzy publisher of US Weekly. The conservaive media needs to be more aggressive on holding Barry’s feet to the fire on this.