What The People Get and the Political Class Does Not

In recent years we’ve had this issue arise in a different context. While the civilized world has been facing the tactics of cavemen, it has found that to be a ‘new kind’ of war. On the contrary. It is the way war was fought before some moronic European decided lining up in a row and shooting at each other was a good thing to do.

Over the years, war fighting has progressed in a linear pattern directly from that line of death. Whatever was the threat, became the ‘new’ way to wage war.

To that end modern armies, filled to the gills with tanks and fast moving small and light weight transportation; intended to take the soldier to the battle as quickly as possible, found them targets as the war came to them. So heavier gear emerged, yet not heavy enough to stop the road side bomb.

War came full circle, as all naturally occurring events do. We are still trying to get grips on the application of modern technological warfare to the 7th century battle. Raiding parties are now called terrorist attacks. Sabotage is now called the acts of lone wolves.

Politics is no different and the people are aware of it. How do you stop someone from killing you if that is what they are going to do? Kill them first. How do you balance a budget where incoming is not as large as outgoing? You stop spending. Then you enhance the incoming, you don’t take from it to force it to be higher, it only kills it.

The people know these things as they know that today’s race for the White House is not about politics. It always has been, other than the beginning of the country. Then it was about freedom. It was about liberty. It was about the soul of a new nation.

Today, the election process has likewise come full circle and the main one this year is once again about freedom, liberty and the soul of that very same nation as well as the civilized world.

But to hear politicians speak it isn’t about that at all. It is about ideology. It is about conservative or liberal. It is about party loyalty. It is about all the things politics have been about ever since I can remember and that is quite one long time indeed.

Pundits, especially on the Republican side of the argument, and some select talk show hosts and just about all Republican politicians and party bosses cannot comprehend how an election has NOTHING TO DO WITH PARTY. But that is the way it is. The people see that. But then again, the people have really never been about party. Politicians call those people independent. I call them unafraid to actually think.

The party problem doesn’t really exist in the stacked Democrat race as party power politics continues to rule supreme and they got away with the last two main elections without enemy politicians picking up on the return to tribal warfare. Their base is pretty much dependents, splinter groups with their hands out and otherwise vulnerable fodder for fake and frivolous glitter. All that fringe of the absurd and reckless chaos amounts to a sizable flock of slaves. Once again. They have no intention of accepting that now, is any different. And they do not know how to fight against what is coming.

Now, we have a candidate who didn’t used to be what he is today. We have a candidate who came to his senses that what is needed cannot fit the Democrat mold of from many, equals many to exploit. He is a candidate who does not fit the mold of party first. He is paying his own way to the election. He owes nobody. He is a candidate running to restore the lost liberty, the lost freedoms and save the soul of the nation, while party politicians and parroting talking heads do not know what to do with a bird they cannot cage.

So they focus in like a cat on its own tail to insist that since the method is not controlled, the manner is not controlled, the mind is not controlled, the money is not controlled; the party is losing control and to that end nothing can be permitted to travel.

In the meantime, Democrats continue to pander to the people they exploit the most. Democrats finally admit, at least in Bernie Sanders that they are the party of Socialism. What do you think Social Justice is all about?

American politics has come full circle.

We are once again faced with tyranny. We are once again faced with forced servitude (what do you think Obamacare’s fines are!?!) We are once again faced with power attempting to restrict any potential threat to itself. We are once again facing a revolution. This time it does not have to be a war.

But the Republican party will go on like nothing matters but itself. The ‘conservative’ talking heads, will, minus the most listened to pair, for the most part continue attacking in defense of ideology and the enemies of the nation will continue to fight that new battle, which is no different than the oldest battle, just not the battle we are used to today. And we will lose this great nation.

Or we can stop the stupidity. The people know exactly what is going on. If the Republican elite would stop attacking and fighting the solution; they might be able to keep their jobs as well as a nation. Or get run over in the process. The people get it, regardless if the political class ever does.