Saturday morning December 19, 2015 the process server contracted to serve a federal 42 U.S.C. § 1983 civil rights law suit 2:15-cv-02268-DJH summons, rule 12B order and complaint to defendant Amanda Stanford (Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court) at her home in San Tan Valley was successful. The process server’s attempt to serve the other defendant in the federal case, Lynn Hurley Chief Deputy Clerk of the Pinal County Superior Court was unsuccessful. No one was at her home.

Monday December 21, service was attempted to be made to Lynn Hurley at the Office of the Clerk in Florence but the process server was told Lynn Hurley was on vacation.

Tuesday night December 22, according to the female process server, she was in San Tan Valley on other business and decided to see if any lights were on in the Hurley household. The front blinds were said to have been open and Christmas lights were on. Two vehicles parked in the driveway. Neither the front door nor the doorbell were reportedly accessible due to the locked iron cage like structure blocking access to the front door.

The female process server proceeded to knock on the iron structure several times as well as calling out ‘hello’ loudly several times. She stated that she could hear a small animal with a collar clinking low to the ground on the other side of the front door. After several attempts to get someone to come to the front door, she turned to leave the residence. At that moment, the garage door began to open and an older Caucasian male appeared from the garage.

It is reported that after the process server identified herself and her reason for being there, John Steven Hurley denied that Lynn Hurley lived at that address and then demanded the process server get off of his property.

The process server then ‘placed the papers between the entrance of the garage and the driveway’. Hurley is then reported to have attempted to kick the papers away and kicked the process server on her ‘left ankle/leg area’. Hurley was advised that he had assaulted the process server. The Sheriff’s office was then called and an officer dispatched. The process server advised the Deputy Sheriff that she wanted to be a victim of the incident and pursue with charges.

Hurley admitted to kicking the papers but stated he did not recall kicking the process server, although he told the Deputy there was a possibility that the tip/toe of his shoe could have grazed her.

The Deputy issued complaint #S000000000652554 to Hurley for violation of Arizona Revised Statute 13-1203 (A1) (ASSAULT). The case was filed December 28, 2015 as case number J-1107-CR-20150833 and is set for arraignment January 25, 2016.


Clerks criminally interfere in the judicial proceeding of an open civil case under the dark shadow of criminal activity. 42 U.S.C. § 1983 civil rights law suit 2:15-cv-02268-DJH filed in The United States District Court against Amanda Stanford, the Clerk of the Pinal County Superior Court, and Lynn Hurley, the Chief Deputy Clerk; for willful abuse of position, interference in a judicial proceeding and Deprivation of Rights under the color of state law. More Information: http://pinalcosc.us.


Under Incident Number: 151222190 Pinal County Sheriff’s Office 12/22/2015: John Steven Hurley of San Tan Valley was charged with the class 1 misdemeanor ARS 13-1203 (A1): intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing any physical injury to another person; which carries a maximum sentence of 6 months and a $2500 fine. Reference: ST OF AZ VS HURLEY JOHN STEVE , Case Number:    J-1107-CR-20150833 Apache Junction Justice Court, The Honorable SHAUN BABEU Presiding. for Citation S000000000652554, 1 count of ASSAULT-INTENT/RECKLESS/INJURE set for Arraignment January 25, 2016


Appointed to the Pinal County Audit Committee in January, 2013. Mr. Hurley is Managing Director of Hurley & Associates in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Audit Committee About