If You Want To Make a Point to Someone, Do it With Class. Newt Gingrich, is Right About Life.

Answering ABC’s Jake Tapper’s question of when life begins, Gingrich said this:

“Well, I think the question of being implanted is a very big question. My friends who have ideological positions that sound good don’t then follow through the logic of: ‘So how many additional potential lives are they talking about? What are they going to do as a practical matter to make this real?’ I think that if you take a position when a woman has fertilized egg and that’s been successfully implanted that now you’re dealing with life. because otherwise you’re going to open up an extraordinary range of very difficult questions.”

Newt was right. The questions that arise are glossed over in the term ‘fertilized’. If an egg is not fertilized then it is just a part of the mother and is absorbed. But if it is fertiziled, a new life exists and the questions are then answered by its implantation as a separate entity to the source of its existence. It is half mom and a little bit dad. That makes a new life.

If Newt had said that life begins at conception, he would have to amend it to be a new life since life already existed in the mom’s egg and the dad’s sperm cell. The mixing of the two, if it happens, can then, in today’s accepted and commercially available technology, be identify only by measuring hormones or taking scans. What is the time between conception and implantation? Then the questions begin.

So much, that the Dictionary even puts them together.

But one happens before the other and if the other does not happen, the one was never a new life to begin with. Things just didn’t work out. They didn’t hit it off. Sometimes you just gotta move on.

This mixing of two completely different things into one definition is not alone. The right to choose is a right of God. It is what that self-aware brain of yours results in. I. I want. I select. I choose.

That is not at all the same topic as abortion and whether a life should be allowed to have one, yet the right to life is pitted against the right to choose. You have the right to choose anything at all that is just you. But you do not have the right to take that right away from any other new life. By aborting a fertilized egg, that has attached itself to the host mother you are disrespecting life by not permitting it to have rights of its own. But aborting before the moment of being fertilized, is not ending a new life. None was there to begin with.

Both of these joinders of mismatched arguments are the result of a fundamental lack of understanding how everything works. If life did not already exist in both parents, there could be no new life. No conception at the moment of the creation of a new life. No implanting possible. And we are all going to die. It is just a matter of whether we will have had a chance to have a life, or to live a life or whether we would not, in various degrees of experience.

That lack of understanding has a lot to do with the way we think as a species. Every few years or so (give or take a century or so) the dominant sense changes with our species. So far, we have lucked out. Each change in sense dominance has created a new level of art, a new level of invention, a new level of advancement, but not this time. The final moments of the industrial revolution are being used up in making visual things special and ushering in its own demise.

We are passing out of the industrial revolution and into the age of cannablism. With a brain that gives us self-awareness and the choice of whether to choose or to be led, the entire planet of humans is gravitating toward a fully visual based species. Aural based thought is ridiculed by visual based, through hell bent on defending the image. What had transpired from one degree of creativity to another has reached the point where this change in species sense dominance will result in cannablism. Not the eat the raw flesh version. The kill each other through repression and conquest version. It has worked in the past to reduce the population, but now we have the technology, we have the ability, we have the wherewithall to admit that the population doesn’t need thinning. We can live as a single species, if we understand the same fundamental truths.

Gingrich had to clarify his statement by underscoring his support of the right to life, but his original answer was his interpretation. “Well, I think the question of being implanted is a very big question.” It was a self asked question shown with “?!?!?” in writing. The author just forgot or something. Gingrich wasn’t defining when the moment of life begins, even though that was the question, he was explaining his thoughts about how to define when life begins. People don’t read the context, let alone understand the comment.

Gingrich’s meter is an excellent way to settle the question of when life begins. It begins sometime prior to implantation because implanation is proof there is a new life. The visual thinker will grasp that, it can be seen in a test result.

A visual society tends to react more than an aural society. It finds solutions to the reaction and often ignores the cause (it innovates based on existing knowledge), which tends to keep people effected by it. An aural society pro acts more than a visual society. It seeks problems for things that have not yet happened (it invents) and evaluates the potential after effects. It solves problems by stopping the cause before the problem even arises. It leads to preemptive strikes and listening to one’s own conscience and better judgement. Having a faith to fall back on gives the strength to keep doing that.

As our planet becomes more visually dominate, the music becomes more redundant, less creative and more drone. The people follow what they see the most of. All it takes is one person to start a riot and one person to join right in there. The rest is reactionay visual thought. We are headed to a time in the near future where aural thought we be almost nill, and that will start the self absorption of the species. It will implode as it has already started to do.

Other species deal with it by reaching back behind, grabbing a hand full and throwing crap. We react to it by shooting each other. We are being each other’s brother and keeper to the point of smothering the other. Cannibalism in a visual world. We just think its virtual because we see it. Aural thinkers have been enjoying music as the virtual reality it is long before visual thinkers had TV’s and computer monitors to turn it in a sound track.

If you want to make a point to someone, do it With class, not your ass.

Whether that egg implanted and detected by Gingrich’s meter is male or female will be determined by the only soure of variable. The father. Today we can determine when new life starts showing off, and until we can determine when a new life has begin Gingrich’s meter will do.

It would be a good start in stemming the rise of the visual world and starting to give respect to the very foundation of humanity. It’s life.

From the mother and the father, comes one, that is both but neither. It is born with the right to choose. It’s living gives it the ability to do so. That is the way everything is.

The only thing that concerns me about ol’ Newt, is his rather frequest tendency to answer a question by offering one of his thoughts about it, instead of just answering the question. But he can learn.

We can all learn. If we all were to learn how it all works, we would be able to determine the exact moment a new life exists. Oh wait, we can, and from it can come others learning of the respect life deserves.

We all die. We will all die. When we die should be a matter of how long we can live. Capital punishment is not punishment at all. I’d rather see someone who has lost the right to live his life his way, spend the rest of it in solitary confinement, complete with TV and books, and abolish capital punishment. At least they would suffer the solitude instead of being sent directly to a judgement that matters.

Everything happens in the same way. An equation that explains it all.

That equation was used to reach into the other frequencies of the spectrum of life and process data with it. It was used to develope software of thinking and memory recall processes in a search engine. It is ready to develop a lot more, including a Life Ring. Licensed to jewelers and manufacturers for retail sale it would be fed the frequency of the mother and the frequency of the father and know what frequency to look for in a child and when that frequency was present in the same space as the mother, a pregnancy has begun because a new life has begun.

It can be used to replace the friction of electrical data transmission. It can be used to replace wireless communication and scanning frequencies and it can be used to remove disease and obnoxious cells.

But Newt doesn’t know there’s a way to prove a new life exists, other than the one he could think of. If he knew the truth, if the species knew the truth we could stop the overtaking of all lives by the ignorance and opportunism of a few. We could change the way humans interact. We could cool the species down. We could survive.

Explaining the equation of it all

we have to use divide from this side of the null
in order to join together without becoming nothing at all

resulting comes the nothing that is everything but one
it is the new thing made up of two things, in other words, the son

son, both male and female is both but not before her
It is one or the other based on the presence* of the father

in order to start again, the father becomes a son
conception, not rejected by the mother, becomes another one

mother, being female, minus the father, divided by two as one
plus the father is the prodigal son

father, being the male, minus the mother
divided by two to become one, plus the mother is the other one

if you can get it you will never lose it
and your search for how it all b’ hap’
can be understood, and therefore tapped.

*As postulated by Marvin Minsky.

Note: This is being published here … on account when it was published at the site it was written for, it was apparently not liked too well having been read by quite a few people, and so the site was hacked and wiped clean just an hour ago. That’s what backups are for! I will not place a link to that site here, as that is not the point of this piece. At least it was there for a day.